quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

Love or passion?

Passion is the charm of life.
Love is life.
Passion creates conflict.
Love creates solutions.
Passion is gratitude.
Love is recognition.
Passion is a limit.
Love is forever.
Passion is an illusion.
Love is real.
Passion is absent.
Love remains.
Passion is me, you, the things ...
Love is us.
Passion is static.
Love is renewed ... creates ...
Passion slave.
Love frees.
Love opens horizons.
The passion dreams.
Love does.
Passion creates fear.
Love creates trust.
Passion is physical attraction.
Love is total attraction.
Passion is a monologue.
Love is dialogue.
Passion comes from the world.
Love comes from God.
The passion to see the colors of spring.
Love sees: the flowers of spring,
the summer sun, cold, winter
the fruits of autumn.

Love is being in love.
It was delighted with life,
life being you.
It is to consider the conflicts
along with you.
It is to be thankful for
recognize the grace in you.
You respect your limits,
making it unique and eternal.
You may know that my illusion
you got to be real.
You feel his absence
And ask them to stay.
You see my self in you
And we feel like we are and what
everything is ours.
You stop in time ... in space ...
In the thought ... while
Renew ... create ...
It is to be enslaved in you
and feel free to love him.
It is being blind to one another
relationship by making sure
You're my horizon that opens.
It's living our dream of achieving.
It is being afraid to lose because
I have confidence in your love.
You feel attracted to his body
as integral part of your spirit,
their way of being.
You say to myself as I love you,
and therefore how much you want to talk.
You see the world as a great gift
God gave us to live in it
It is living all the seasons
with colorful spring.
It tell you I'm in love
why I love you.


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